Monday, 9 November 2015

Life: This Week #011

001) Week....what week?

002) This week has seen me embrace my lazy side in all areas of life: from the gym to home life. I have actually spent a ridiculous amount of time binge-watching Homeland this weekend.

003) Christmas is a-coming. I'm beginning to get a little excited and I have been doing a little shopping.Actually even more exciting is that it will be about a month this week until I get to finish work for Christmas. For 3 whole weeks! Bliss! 

004) Towards the end of the week, I was doing the whole 'I'm not good at anything in life'/constantly comparing myself to other people's success but after talking to a friend (over whatsapp), I came to the conclusion that doubting myself/putting myself down is not going to take me anywhere. Cue Friday and I was bouncing out of bed ready to take over the world (I still am today!)

005) Fitness-wise there has been no major changes apart from working on my squat form during Body Pump. I find, especially when tired, my form goes out of the window and it's generally not good thing when you are lifting heavy.

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