Sunday, 1 November 2015

Life: This Week #010

001)It's November - Christmas is next month. Help!

002)If I'm honest I have been stuck in a bit of a blogging rut  recently: sometimes I don't feel good enough; sometimes I feel that no-one reads here; sometimes I regret the lack of spare time I have to work on my blog and sometimes I ask myself what is the point. I do have passion for blogging (in recent job interview feedback, the interviewers said that I came across very passionate about my blog) but it has taken me time to find it again.

003)In other news, I have really been enjoying experimenting with food recipes and I am now planning to do some more food-orientated posts.

004)Fitness-wise I have been smashing the little personal goals that I have been setting myself. For instance, there have been various weight increases in different tracks in Body Pump; harder options taken in Ultimate Abs and full commitment to both the HIIT and Capoeira tracks in Body Combat (if you do the class, you will know exactly how difficult these tracks are!). Next up are: push-ups on my toes, tricep push-ups and (maybe) a bridge during Body Balance.

005)My flat has also been getting a little bit of loving in the interior front. Not only have I been buying new bits and bobs (oops!), I have also painted the horrible units in my living room and also painted the hallway. Next I have to gloss skirting boards, finish the kitchen and sort out the wall in front of the door in the hallway. After that, I will be gutting my bedroom and hopefully decorating that too.

006) Recently, I have been spending time with lots of little fluffs (mainly dogs) and it has made me think about getting another little fluff. Since Mr Fluffles (hamster) passed a few months ago, the flat has been pretty quiet. I don't want to rush into anything so I think I'll pass on making a decision until after Christmas.

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