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Fitness: My story...

2009- Graduation when I was most likely at my heaviest

From the end of primary school upwards, I was always the fat kid in the class. Thing is, I never really noticed until one day after graduating University, I had enough. I didn't want to be the fat kid that I saw in the mirror any more, I wanted to be someone else. Around the time that I decided enough was enough, a new gym opened near me and with encouragement from one of my best friends, I signed up with her. 5 years later, I am still a member of that same gym and loving every minute of it.


~1999 - I seem to have been going through a scruffy stage

When I initially started the gym, it was a bit of a hit and miss as to whether I would be at the gym or not due to general laziness and working long shifts. When I was, it was cardio, cardio and even more cardio. Needless to say, it got boring. After that I started to introduce a class or two (Zumba and the occasional Combat Aerobics [which they no longer do]) and it made it a little more exciting.

2005 - Did someone say pirate partaaay? (Outfit what on earth ?!?)

~ 2006/07 - most likely drunk

Summer 2007

It wasn't until I was officially diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2013 that things really changed. One of my triggers for my epilepsy is tiredness (other two being stress and photosensitivity) and having this as a trigger made me seriously question my overall health. Before I embarked on adopting a healthier lifestyle, I was tired all the time; I was eating the wrong foods; I stayed up late and I was generally doing everything wrong. In some ways, being diagnosed with epilepsy gave me the wake-up call I needed. It gave me the drive to want to fuel my body appropriately and also to build up body strength so all in all I could potentially reduce tiredness as a trigger for seizures.


2012 - Drinking yet again (probably approaching drunk) and this was also the night before I had a seizure.

In the same year as my diagnosis, I discovered Les Mills classes at my gym. These classes are designed for everyone of all abilities and they certainly know how to challenge you. On a weekly basis, I currently do Body Attack, Sh'bam, Body Combat, Body Pump and Body Balance multiple times (ie all the Les Mills classes that Aberdeen Sports Village currently offer). What I love about these classes is the enthusiasm that every single instructor has: it doesn't matter how fit you are or how many classes you have attended, they push you to your limit every single time. Honestly, I have never met a group of people that have pushed me so hard to the point I want to collapse in a heap; corrected my technique when required and made me discover things I never knew my body was capable of (who knew that I would ever be able to hold any type of plank). On another slightly related note, the Les Mills team who teach at Aberdeen Sports Village are...just...well...bloody brilliant! I have no other words that I could possibly use to describe them.

2014 - Portugal

August 2015 (Impromptu play with my camera and caught slightly off guard, haha)

Not my usual choice of picture but a recent progress shot taken in August 2015. Still have some fat burning to do but it's a start!

Taking selfies for this post after a night out (totally normal...right?)

Two years on from my diagnosis, I am still enjoying living a healthier lifestyle. I still love my Les Mills classes as much as the day I started them. I'm a firm believer that if you get to a point where you are not enjoying a class, then drop it. There is no point in doing something in your spare time that you do not enjoy. In addition to the points above, I have also enjoyed seeing changes in my body: from the obvious change in weight to the not-so-obvious changes such as being able to add an additional weight on my bar during Body Pump. Furthermore, I have also discovered that I like setting myself realistic goals that I can work towards and achieve. For me there is nothing more satisfying than a sense of achievement. Yes, I work hard and being able to make last-minute plans is definitely not my forte but I would not have it any other way. For me, living a healthier lifestyle is a priority and if I can continue living this way until I am old and grey, then I would be very happy.

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  1. I love a good health and fitness story :). My sister and I started training off and on in July, although really kicked it off mid June with Zumba, Beach Body Sculpt, Gym and Bootcamp - since then we've both lost one stone (and counting). I feel so much better after shifting a few pounds, and now I'm eating the right foods I'm nowhere near as tired as I used to be :). I think it helps that we're both able to push each other, although I feel a bit like a personal trainer with my sister because I find myself shouting one more rep haha! x


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