Monday, 31 August 2015

Eats: A Taste of Aberdeen - Herb Crusted Roast Rack of Lamb

A Taste of Aberdeen, Copthorne Hotel, Lamb

A Taste of Aberdeen, Copthorne Hotel, Lamb

I am pretty much a make-what-I-know kind of person when it comes to creating meals especially where guests are concerned. I'm not experimental in the slightest and chances are if you come to mine for dinner, I will make something I have made a hundred times (or order takeaway....but lets not talk about that!). I also have a fear of either giving people food poisoning or my guests not enjoying their meal.

Joes Bloggers  recently got in contact with myself to see if I would like to recreate a traditional recipe created by chef Anupam Kuila from the Copthorne Hotel in Aberdeen. For the reasons mentioned previously, I jumped at the chance in order to see if I could challenge my fears.

The recipe (which you can find here) is probably the most elaborate recipe I have ever followed. As I had invited one of my friends round for dinner, I read the instructions a million times beforehand. And I am glad I did otherwise it could have been a disaster as the recipe is not in a chronological order.

After lots of reading instructions, chopping, stirring and even burning a pan (again let's not talk about that!), I eventually managed to create something that tasted pretty incredible. I also managed to not poison anyone and serve up something I had never made before. All in all a successful challenge.

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