Sunday, 12 July 2015

Life:This Week #005

Working on some 'Girl Gains'

001)Where did the week go?

002) Tuesday saw torrential rain and my favourite Thunder and Lightning (woohoo!) make an appearance. Needless to say everything was soggy - the roads were flooded and even my work got flooded that the Fire Brigade had to make an appearance. Let's just say a couple of the firemen weren't half bad...

003)My amazon order arrived. I ordered the Blend active blender as well as the Polar Ft4 watch. Both I have put to the test and loved.

004)It has been Les Mills new release central this weekend: I did Body Pump and SH'bam yesterday and Body Attack this morning. Body Pump is an absolute killer this time around...

005)I'm not sure if it's an age thing but this week I have really been in the mood for getting rid of clutter. I think when you first start earning money at ~16, you want everything but when you get older the clutter is too much.

006)My parents holiday home website is finally live. You can check it out here .We still have availability for 2015 so if you're looking for a break in North-East Scotland...

007)This week has seen me achieve some more girl gains. I have seen a little more muscle definition in my arms (weirdly more in my right arm!?), the start of an outline of some abs (woop - just need to work on blasting the fat!), the return of the mountain climbers (previously I had hurt my hip flexor so had to take options) and an extended v-sit hold. Phew! More next week please!

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