Monday, 27 July 2015

Life: This week #007

001) This week the polar watch has been both annoying me and pleasing me in equal measures. The past few days I have used it, the heart monitor has slipped during my workout and therefore not recorded anything useful. On the other hand, I hit over 1000 cal. on Monday. Not bad for Zumba, Sh'bam and Ultimate Abs.

002) My book for work this week has been 'Go set a watchman' by Harper Lee and without going into detail,it's not quite what I expected. I'm not sure if it's because 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is my favourite book so my expectations were quite high to begin with or not. However, I will finish it.

003) Sunday was a pretty disastrous day for me. Not only did Tesco almost lose half of my order (not ideal when the missing ingredients were for the meal I was cooking for friends that evening) but my light cord in my bathroom snapped off in my hand. This wouldn't have been half as bad if the company who renovated my bathroom had done their job properly. It is safe to say that I have currently hit expert level in using the toilet and showering in the dark.

004) As a massive fan of Formula 1 (surprise!), I, like the rest of the Formula 1 fans, was gutted to hear about the passing of driver Jules Bianchi this week. For those who are not familiar with Bianchi, he suffered severe injuries in a crash during the Japanese Grand Prix last year - a race in which I  watched the drama unfold in front of me on the TV. He was 25.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Life: This week #006...

Polar FT4 watch

001) This week has been the week of all the new Les Mills releases at my gym. Needless to say, I have been trying them all out and thoroughly enjoying them. My favourite release this time is either Body Pump or Body Balance.

002) In related fitness-type news, I have also been trying out my Polar Ft4 watch. At first I was a little apprehensive of wearing the heart monitor (it's a strange thing to get used to) but after a while, you don't feel a thing. It has been interesting seeing how much calories I was burning in classes (4634 cal. this week if you must know)

003)This week saw the release of the much anticipated 'Go set a watchman' by Harper Lee. As a massive fan of 'To Kill a Mockingbird', I am really looking forward to reading this next week at work.

004) In preparation for friends coming over for dinner tomorrow, I have spent the majority of today cleaning. Cue lots of sneezing...and random dancing.

005) Is it me or is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 the best in the series of Harry Potter films?

006) Have you seen Kate from Gh0stparties new bathroom? It is absolutely dreamy and totally pinterest-worthy.

007) This week ,thanks to a lot of Youtube videos (which I really must start filming again!) I now have a long list of new releases that I would like to try. 1st thing on my list is the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette when it is released...

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Beauty: 6 must-have neutral palettes...

6 must-have neutral eyeshadow palettes

Neutral eyeshadow palettes are a huge weakness of mine: I cannot get enough of them and will gaze from afar at new high-end releases until my bank balance can justify it. Is it just me or is anyone else like that?

Anyway, as much as I could ramble on about my neutral eyeshadow obsession, I am going to show you what I consider to be the 6 must-have neutral eyeshadow palettes.

6 must-have neutral eyeshadow palettes

Stila In the light palette

Stila 'In the light' palette:

 'In the light', one of Stila's most famous palettes, contains 10 of their award-winning eyeshadow shades which are divided up into shimmer and matte.  Every shade in the palette is highly pigmented when dry and they all have excellent staying power. The shades that I tend to lean towards are 'Kitten', 'Bare' and 'Sandstone' which actually compliment each other really well.


Clarins: The Essentials:

I feel bad for putting this one in as it was limited edition, however, I have noticed that around Christmas time, Clarins  (for the past 2 years anyway) have released a version of this palette. This palette is a combination of matte, shimmer and it has one excessively glittery eyeshadow for a bit of extra sparkle.


Urban Decay: Basics palette:

This palette is possibly the most travel-friendly palette that I own. Not only does it fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, it also contains 6 matte shades which complement each other perfectly. Lovely! Urban Decay have also added a 2nd basics palette to their Naked range.



Urban Decay: Naked 1 and Naked 2:

Ah, you didn't think I could a write must-have neutral palette post without including at least one of these did you? These palettes are a cult product among beauty bloggers and I highly doubt that I would own any of these if I wasn't a beauty blogger.
Both palettes contain a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. Like all Urban Decay palettes that I have tried, they are highly pigmented and long-lasting. Definitely worth the price tag.


Smashbox full exposure:

This palette was one that I owned before it was available in the UK.I had a read a lot about it beforehand and had seen some great results. Full Exposure contains 14 eyeshadow shades: 7 shimmer and 7 matte which all complement each other. Each of the shimmer palettes is similar to the matte shade located below.
What are your essential neutral eyeshadow palettes?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Life:This Week #005

Working on some 'Girl Gains'

001)Where did the week go?

002) Tuesday saw torrential rain and my favourite Thunder and Lightning (woohoo!) make an appearance. Needless to say everything was soggy - the roads were flooded and even my work got flooded that the Fire Brigade had to make an appearance. Let's just say a couple of the firemen weren't half bad...

003)My amazon order arrived. I ordered the Blend active blender as well as the Polar Ft4 watch. Both I have put to the test and loved.

004)It has been Les Mills new release central this weekend: I did Body Pump and SH'bam yesterday and Body Attack this morning. Body Pump is an absolute killer this time around...

005)I'm not sure if it's an age thing but this week I have really been in the mood for getting rid of clutter. I think when you first start earning money at ~16, you want everything but when you get older the clutter is too much.

006)My parents holiday home website is finally live. You can check it out here .We still have availability for 2015 so if you're looking for a break in North-East Scotland...

007)This week has seen me achieve some more girl gains. I have seen a little more muscle definition in my arms (weirdly more in my right arm!?), the start of an outline of some abs (woop - just need to work on blasting the fat!), the return of the mountain climbers (previously I had hurt my hip flexor so had to take options) and an extended v-sit hold. Phew! More next week please!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Current favourite herbal tea...

Twinings Herbal Tea

If you haven't guessed by the name of my blog, I am a tea junkie (and an aspiring tea tester,haha). I will drink any type of tea going as long as it is in a large (and by large, I mean large) mug and made to perfection.

The herbals teas that I tend to pick up are by Twinings as I find that they seem to have much more of a selection readily available in supermarkets than any other brand.

My current favourite tea from Twinings form part of their indulgent green tea selection: Caramelised Apple, Salted Caramel, Cherry Bakewell and Gingerbread. All 4 of these teas taste incredible and I have repurchased all of them at some point. I have also just noticed on their website that they now do a fudge melt version which I will now need to locate asap.

Have you tried any of these teas?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Beauty: Rediscovering Cheeks...

Nars Orgasm Blush & The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Having enough make-up to most likely be able to open my own store means that I do forget about products I already own. When I was packing for my recent trip to London, I went through my drawer unit and found these two beauties which I had completely forgotten about: Nars 'Orgasm' and The Balm 'Mary-Lou Manizer'.

                     Nars Orgasm Blush
                     The Balm Mani-lou Manizer

'Orgasm' is a beautiful rose-gold blush which is extremely pigmented and needs to be applied to the cheeks with a light hand, while 'Mary-Lou Manizer' is a triple-threat being a highlighter, shimmer and eyeshadow all-in-one. In this instance, I opted to use this product as a highlighter.

Have you made any rediscoveries recently?