Sunday, 28 June 2015

This Week #004...

                      V&A Museum London
                                                                           V&A museum quadrangle

001) I have been on holiday. I spent a good number of days down in London seeing family and I have also spent a few days mooching around my flat getting things done.
002) On Thursday, I decided to try out Ultimate Core which I enjoyed especially as we were using TRX although the pain in my core has still not gone away...although I did do Ultimate Abs on Friday evening.

003) On Saturday, I decided to tidy my top make-up drawer which is usually where my day-to-day make-up is kept....I then proceeded to go through the other 8 drawers and binned a heck of a lot.

004) I have finished OITNB and to be honest, I didn't think this season was particularly as good as the other 2. Sorry.

005) My parents website is near completion: I have been procrastinating about this for a long time and I only have a few small things left to do! So excited for it to go live and to be able to share it with you.

006) I have fallen back in love with watching Youtube videos again.

007) I had the best experience flying from London City to Aberdeen with Flybe. It was the tiniest airplane ever and it was amazing. I also received complimentary tea and a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer (the way to my heart if you must know).

008)The changeable weather is doing my head in.

009) I have really been enjoying reading Lindsey Kelk 'The Single Girl's To-Do list' on my kindle. It is such a good, light-hearted read. Actually I'm a massive fan of all her books.

010) I have realised that the seat I sit on to blog is really low - I'm currently sitting on a cushion which is not at all helping.

011) I found out that I get extremely competitive when bowling against my dad. Sadly, he won both times although not by much on the 2nd game.


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  2. Free Tunnocks?! I'll definitely be considering Flybe next time I head to London then!

    I feel your pain on number 8. Just two consecutive days of sunshine.. Would that be too much to ask?

    - Laura (Whispering) xo


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