Wednesday, 10 June 2015

This week #003...

Post-Color me Rad

001) I have eventually finished watching Dexter. I enjoyed it but to be honest, I thought the ending could have been much better than it was. No spoilers here.

002)This week,I also participated in the Color Me Rad run. I am not much of a runner as I am much more into building core strength but I still managed to run some of it before my hip flexor injury took over. After that I walked the remainder of it. It was fun but not enough paint for my liking!

003) Ever since the procedures have changed at work for mobile phones and valuables, I have been reading books like they are going out of fashion. This week I started (and finished) 'Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher. Next up is a crime novel which my Mum has given me.

004) This weekend has been largely dedicated to my flat. My dad came up Saturday (with Alfie) and he has managed to finish tiling my kitchen; put up a mirror, a shelf and a towel rail and various other bits and bobs. I sorted out my cupboard in the hallway and managed to create a mini pantry with the space. I've also been painting a chest of drawers and sorting clutter. This flat will be pinterest-worthy one day.

005) Les Mills always have the best taste in music for their classes. This week, I have managed to find playlists on Spotify featuring some of the music they feature. In particular, I have been loving the Body Pump one.

006)I am currently being a rebel and drinking a cup of tea after 9pm (Normally I'm a herbal-kinda gal past 9pm)

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