Monday, 29 June 2015

Discovering: Boux Avenue press launch...

Boux Avenue Aberdeen

Every once in a while, a lady needs to treat herself to some nice lingerie. Besides the usual lingerie suspects, Aberdeen did not really have a specialised shop for lingerie...until now!

Boux Avenue is owned by Dragon Den's star Theo Paphitus. With the focus on providing both luxurious and affordable lingerie and swimwear all within a 'boudoir-inspired' environment, it is no surprise that Boux Avenue has fast become one of the must-have places to shop for lingerie.


                                           Boux Avenue Aberdeen store launch


                             Boux Avenue Aberdeen store launch

                                         Boux Avenue Aberdeen store launch
The Aberdeen store located in Union Square is stunning: everything is set out beautifully so shopping at Boux Avenue is stress-free. I particularly loved the see-through drawers where you can see if your size is in stock as I genuinely hate having to rake through the rail to find my size and things end up either falling off or getting tangled (I also hated this when I worked in retail). In addition, I thought the displays were beautiful and really emphasised the philosophy of Boux Avenue.

                                           Boux Avenue Aberdeen Fitting Rooms

                                           Boux Avenue Aberdeen fitting rooms

Finally, in addition to being well thought-out, Boux Avenue also has the best fitting rooms that I have ever laid eyes on.Keeping with the luxurious feel, the fitting rooms show the same luxury as the rest of the shop but with the additional bonus of having 3 different mood light settings as well as a handy call button. Perfect when you want to get everything just right.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

This Week #004...

                      V&A Museum London
                                                                           V&A museum quadrangle

001) I have been on holiday. I spent a good number of days down in London seeing family and I have also spent a few days mooching around my flat getting things done.
002) On Thursday, I decided to try out Ultimate Core which I enjoyed especially as we were using TRX although the pain in my core has still not gone away...although I did do Ultimate Abs on Friday evening.

003) On Saturday, I decided to tidy my top make-up drawer which is usually where my day-to-day make-up is kept....I then proceeded to go through the other 8 drawers and binned a heck of a lot.

004) I have finished OITNB and to be honest, I didn't think this season was particularly as good as the other 2. Sorry.

005) My parents website is near completion: I have been procrastinating about this for a long time and I only have a few small things left to do! So excited for it to go live and to be able to share it with you.

006) I have fallen back in love with watching Youtube videos again.

007) I had the best experience flying from London City to Aberdeen with Flybe. It was the tiniest airplane ever and it was amazing. I also received complimentary tea and a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer (the way to my heart if you must know).

008)The changeable weather is doing my head in.

009) I have really been enjoying reading Lindsey Kelk 'The Single Girl's To-Do list' on my kindle. It is such a good, light-hearted read. Actually I'm a massive fan of all her books.

010) I have realised that the seat I sit on to blog is really low - I'm currently sitting on a cushion which is not at all helping.

011) I found out that I get extremely competitive when bowling against my dad. Sadly, he won both times although not by much on the 2nd game.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

This week #003...

Post-Color me Rad

001) I have eventually finished watching Dexter. I enjoyed it but to be honest, I thought the ending could have been much better than it was. No spoilers here.

002)This week,I also participated in the Color Me Rad run. I am not much of a runner as I am much more into building core strength but I still managed to run some of it before my hip flexor injury took over. After that I walked the remainder of it. It was fun but not enough paint for my liking!

003) Ever since the procedures have changed at work for mobile phones and valuables, I have been reading books like they are going out of fashion. This week I started (and finished) 'Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher. Next up is a crime novel which my Mum has given me.

004) This weekend has been largely dedicated to my flat. My dad came up Saturday (with Alfie) and he has managed to finish tiling my kitchen; put up a mirror, a shelf and a towel rail and various other bits and bobs. I sorted out my cupboard in the hallway and managed to create a mini pantry with the space. I've also been painting a chest of drawers and sorting clutter. This flat will be pinterest-worthy one day.

005) Les Mills always have the best taste in music for their classes. This week, I have managed to find playlists on Spotify featuring some of the music they feature. In particular, I have been loving the Body Pump one.

006)I am currently being a rebel and drinking a cup of tea after 9pm (Normally I'm a herbal-kinda gal past 9pm)