Saturday, 23 May 2015

This week #002...

001) On Wednesday, I decided that it was time to treat my boobs to a little bra fitting. I headed to good old M&S (one store I can always trust for lingerie) and came out of my fitting with 2 different sizes: one for sports bras and one for everyday.

002) I also decided that this week was a good week to get my eyebrows done once again. I usually head to the Benefit Brow Bar in my local Boots to get them done as the girls always do such a good a job. They may seem a little more expensive than any other places, but I think they are definitely worth the extra money.

003) I started Dexter about 3 years ago and I've still not managed to finish the entire show. As I'm writing this, I'm currently on Season 8, episode 6 so almost there. It's a brilliant show - I have just taken so long to watch it all.

004) Do you know how expensive Passports are now? Mine conveniently expires the day after I need it so I sent off for a new one. I used the Post Office check and send service, which does cost more, but it is worth it (and I don't trust myself getting things right). I don't even want to think how old I'll be when I next need one...

005) On Friday, I decided that it was time to buy a sander and sand down the chest of drawers that has been sitting in my living room for the longest time. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. It started well enough but then my entire flat looked like I had had an accident with green fairy dust. Thank goodness, I moved Mr. Fluffles into my room - the poor little boy would have been green!

006) This week has also seen a little gains in the fitness department. In Body Pump,I have managed to up both my squat track and lunge track weight and it means I am slowly working  my way to building a rainbow on my barbell. In addition, in Ultimate Abs, I have managed to hold a Crucifix plank on my toes as well as hold an extended plank for much longer. Gains all round!

007) A fitness negative this week is that I've managed to injure my right hip flexor which is not useful especially when I have a 5K (Color me rad) in 2 weeks time. The culprit for this injury is mountain climbers of all things - every time I do them, I get pain in my hip flexors. I spoke to one of the instructors about this and she said she couldn't see anything wrong with my technique as I was working right in front of her.

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