Friday, 24 April 2015

Myprotein nutrition...


As someone who spends a lot of time at the gym, it will come as no surprise that I have been on the hunt for some protein-based products to fuel my body both pre and post-workout. For those who work out regularly, protein is important in your diet as it is essential for muscle growth and repair.
Myprotein recently got in touch with me to see if I would like to try out some of their products. Strangely enough, this brand was actually one that I had heard good things about and was leaning towards to ordering some products for myself.
Here is what was sent for review:
Impact Whey Protein - Cookie & Cream flavour
Protein Pancake Mix - Golden Syrup flavour
Protein Chox Cookies & Cream flavour
Virtue Bar Double Chocolate
Breakfast Smoothie - Banana & Strawberry flavour
Protein Cookie - White Chocolate Almond flavour
Here is what I thought of each product:
Impact Whey Protein - Cookie & Cream flavour:
This stuff is like a magic pouch of goodness. It tastes exactly like an Oreo milkshake which is one of my favourite flavours. I have enjoyed using it and I am really looking forward to ordering more of this flavour as well as some of their other flavours.
Protein Pancake Mix - Golden Syrup flavour:
When I was little, my Granny made amazing pancakes on her aga and since then I have been addicted. Needless to say, I was very happy when these were sent for review. These taste really good and the first time I tried them, I actually couldn't wait to cook a stack so ate them as they were ready.
Protein Chox Cookie & Cream flavour:
If you have a bit of a sweet tooth like myself, then you will love this product. It's a chocolate bar without being a chocolate bar if that makes sense. It has all the taste of a chocolate bar but without all the naughtiness that a chocolate bar brings.
Virtue Bar Double Chocolate:
I loved this bar that it disappeared far too quickly for my liking...oops!. If I could compare it to anything then it would actually be a Chocolate Crispy cake. If you want to start somewhere, then I would definitely recommend trying a sample of this. I have already added it to my order list.
Breakfast Smoothie - Strawberry and Banana flavour:
I used to have smoothies all the time until I got sick of cleaning my blender. However, this product is a smoothie in a packet which means, for me, no blender mess. Initially, I really liked this product but I did find the more I drank, the more the product became too sweet for my taste. Although saying that, I probably would try this one again.
Protein Cookie - White Chocolate Almond flavour:
I'm reluctant to say this but I was not a fan of this product. I wanted to like it as I like cookies and white chocolate but this was not for me. I think the main reason is due to the marzipan-y taste as I do not like anything that tastes like marzipan whatever food it is. Shame really.
Overall, I liked the majority of the products that were sent for review with exception of the protein cookie. However, despite not liking one product, I am keen to try some others too: I actually have a list written out of what I would like to order.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My blogger event essentials...

Blog event essentials

Over the past couple of years, I have been lucky enough to attend some blogger events both near and far and during that time, I have built up some essentials which I like to take with me.

Notebook paperchase

I find that when you need a piece of paper, you never have it on you which is perhaps the main reason I carry a notebook. I also carry it as I find it particularly useful for working on post ideas when I have time to kill before an event.

Panasonic Lumix

I change the camera that I take to events all the time. Sometimes I use my SLR (Canon 400D - still works amazingly!), my bridge camera (Sony NEX3NL) or my point & shoot (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ35). Sometimes I actually just use my iPhone. To be honest, it really doesn't matter what camera you use as let's face it: most cameras take pretty decent images now.

Portable phone charger

Portable Charger:
Picture this: you're about to post an instagram at the event and your phone dies. Disaster! Enter the portable charger. This device is a lifesaver and I use it so much for events especially since the iPhone has rubbish battery. I picked mine up over on amazon a couple of years ago and while I can't find my exact one, you can find many more options here.

Moo business cards

Business Cards:
These come in handy for events as it is much easier to give someone a card then write down every link you have on a piece of paper. My cards contain not only my blog link, but also contain my social media links too. I ordered mine from MOO which were pretty reasonable for the amount that I got. They were also delivered quickly too.

Blogging Snacks Nakd Bakewell tart

Bit of an odd one but I find it is always handy to have a couple of snacks with you. Sometimes when I'm travelling further afield, I have time to kill and its not always at meal times either so I grab something like these to eat.

What are your blog event essentials?

Monday, 13 April 2015

Under the Microscope: Urban Decay On The Run Palette...

                 Urban Decay On the run palette

Urban Decay is just one of those brands that always has impressive releases. One of their most recent releases is the 'On The Run Palette'. 

This palette contains almost everything you need for the day. I say 'almost everything' as there are no base products included (foundation, concealer, powder etc) but everything else is.

                 Urban Decay On the Run palette

The kit contains:

Perversion Mascara
24/7 Glide on eye pencil in 'Stag'
Naked lipgloss in 'Sesso'
'Dive' eyeshadow
'Fix' eyeshadow
'Resist' eyeshadow
'Dare' eyeshadow
'Stun' eyeshadow
'50/50' eyeshadow

What I like about this palette is that it is a reasonable size which makes it great to travel with. In addition, the products included are neutral so you have everything you need for a natural daytime look at the tip of your fingers. The products themselves are, unsurprisingly, incredible: the eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented; the eyeliner glides on like a dream and the mascara, well just wow!

I tested out this palette when I went home to my parents for a few days and it made my whole travel situation much easier as I only had to take a few additional base products. A job well done if you ask me!


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hillarys Crafternoon...

Hillarys Crafternoon
Image credit: Joes Bloggers

The Butterfly and the Pig

A few weeks ago, I headed down to Glasgow to attend a 'Crafternoon' which was being held in conjunction with Hillarys Blinds, The Crafty Hen and Joes Bloggers. Aside from tea and cake which was kindly provided by 'The Butterfly and the Pig' where the event was being held (a gorgeous tearoom in the centre of Glasgow), we were also treated to a fun afternoon of crafting.

Hillarys Crafternoon

Hillarys Crafternoon

At the event, we made 2 crafts: a covered notebook and a 3D bird using fabrics from the new collection at Hillarys blinds. I must say that the new collection fabrics are all gorgeous with something that will suit every interior.

The 1st craft we made was a notebook. Now as someone who has a bit of obsession with notebooks, I was really looking forward to this one, however difficult it would be. In fact, it wasn't as difficult as anticipated: 4 simple stitches held the cover in place.

The 2nd craft was a 3D bird which was slightly more difficult to make and included a little more  sewing. However, once you started stitching, you could see the bird beginning to take shape (although my final one resembled a seal).

After a couple of hours crafting, these were the finished results:

Thank you to Joes Bloggers, The Crafty Hen, Hillarys Blinds and also The Butterfly and the Pig for a fabulous event!

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