Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Real Juice Reboot Week 3...

So this week is the final week of my Philips Real Juice Reboot Challenge and if I'm honest, it was a bit of a mixed bag. There were juices I really liked, but also a few I didn't. I think with juicing, a lot of it comes down to personal taste preference more than anything.

Day 15: Immunity Booster
Day 16: Melon Zinger
Day 17: Zesty Twist
Day 18: Tropical Tipple
Day 19: Ginger Power (too good that I forgot to take a photo)
Day 20: Great to be Green
Day 21: Sunrise Starter

Favourite Juice: Tropical Tipple
Least Favourite: Sunrise Starter
Lessons Learnt? I really do not like beetroots juiced!

If you missed part 1 and 2, you can read them here and here. Stayed tuned for a round-up of my juicing experience.

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