Monday, 16 February 2015

Aqua spinning?

Aqua spin class
Spin bikes after we had set them up

As a spin class regular, I am used to getting down and dirty with a spin bike. So when I was invited to try out aqua spinning at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh in association with Joe Blogs and Simply Health, the temptation was too much for me to resist and so I signed up.

Aqua spin class
Bikes prior to set up and before the floor was lowered

Aqua spinning is exactly as it sounds: a spin class in water. One of the major differences (minus the presence of water obviously) is the bike. An aqua spin bike is much lighter than a normal spin bike and I found that underwater, it had a tendency to move a little bit. In addition, there is also a difference in the way that the resistance is set. On a normal spin bike, you can adjust the resistance all the way throughout the class whereas on an aqua spin bike, the resistance has to be set for the entire class at the beginning. I think that I set my resistance lower than I perhaps should have done for this session: I had it on medium but I should have set it to hard.

And...we're off!

The 45 minute class itself consisted of a lot of different exercises such as standing up, sitting down, spinning fast, spinning slow and at one point hanging off the back of the bike and still peddling (recumbent position and I definitely couldn't do that on a normal spin bike!). There were also many exercises focusing completely on the upper body section and we were encouraged by the instructor to soak the people in front of us as much as possible (sorry!).

Some awesome underwater cameras..

Some benefits of an aqua spin class:

Potential to burn up to 800 calories per hour (!)
Improved flexibility, circulation and blood pressure
Strengthened muscles
Reduced potential for sore muscles after a work-out (excellent!)
Does not put as much pressure on joints as a non-aquatic work out would do

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and I would highly recommend it.It is fun and exciting and the special shoes that you wear are really quite something. In addition, I found that this class does not irritate any prior sports injuries (I have a dodgy right knee) which makes it a good class to attend.

So any recommendations to what I should try next?


  1. WOW that floor looks amazing.. so cool that the floor comes up!! Hopefully the class will come to Aberdeen soon and I can go try it out!! :)

  2. Wow. I do four or five spin classes per week and really wish my gym would offer this. Looks amazing.


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