Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Workout motivation...

One of the most difficult things about working out is keeping inspired. I find if I'm not inspired then everything seems to go down the pan to the point of virtually not doing anything. Inspiration is a key factor in workout success as I find that by finding inspiration, I find the motivation to do well.

So how do I keep myself inspired? 

I buy Women's Fitness from time to time for a bit of inspiration. I like it as it's filled with recipes, exercises and then some other interesting bits and bobs. 

I am a Pinterest addict and I easily lose hours pinning things mainly from the fitness section. The fitness section on Pinterest is brilliant for inspiration as it is filled with everything you could possibly think of. It's great if you're in the middle of creating a new work-out plan. 
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Instagram is a great source of inspiration as well. I follow a lot of fitness/clean eating accounts on my instagram and even just seeing a single post is enough for me to be inspired.

Some of my favourites:
Blogs are another source of great inspiration. For me, it's not specifically a fitness blog that I find inspiring, I find any blog that encompasses fitness into it inspiring.

Some of my favourites:
Vivianna Does Make-up
Twenty Something Beauty
Jayne Rebecca

So there you have it: some tips of how I keep myself motivated to maximise my work-out potential.

Have you got any additional tips that you find help your exercise motivation?
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  1. Thanks for the mention Amey! Really enjoying your fitness series :)

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