Monday, 19 January 2015

So you want to start working out?

Not my work-out attire....just some awesome pjs I own!

Becoming fitter is on a lot of people's New Year resolutions, however sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to take the plunge and join a gym or simply to work-out from home.

Personally, I do a mixture of both. I go to the gym most days but I also choose to work out from home. At the gym, I tend to stick to classes and at home, I will either do a little bit of yoga, weights or some of the good old Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (she's brutal!).

So what, in my opinion, are the pros and cons of each?



Wide availability of classes
Motivational instructors to push you
Some gyms have the option of swimming pool/sauna/jacuzzi
Every piece of gym equipment available at your disposal eg treadmills, rowing machines, weights


Can be expensive
Can be busy at peak times making it difficult to use pieces of equipment
Can feel like everyone is watching (honest truth is that no-one actually gives a crap as they're too busy focusing on their own workout)
You are limited to working out only within their opening hours

At Home:


Can work out whenever you feel like - if you take a fancy to working out at 2am, then why not?
Easy to fit around other life activities


Easy to lose motivation
Easy to get stuck into a set routine
Can get easily distracted especially if you do not live by yourself (I've experienced this when visiting parents and my Golden Retriever Alfie thought it was fun to try and push me over when in the downward dog position - I didn't dare try a burpee with him around!)

So that is it for the 1st part of my fitness series. Stay tuned for part 2 where I will be discussing my experience of gym classes.

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