Saturday, 10 January 2015

2015 goals...


Resolutions are a funny thing: the majority of people make them as an incentive at the beginning of the year and some follow through while many others fall by the wayside. I am one of those people that does make resolutions and although mine are not restricted to the usual subjects (you know what I'm talking about!) but more of those of a trivial nature such as reading a series of books or starting a boxset, mine are simply referred to as goals.

So for 2015, here are my goals: 

001) Participate in Colour Run - I'm not a runner and never have been so this will be a major challenge for me!
002) Moisturise (I do my face but forget about my body, oops!)
003) Finish our holiday home website which I have been working on for far too long!
004) Sort out my nutrition - I am absolutely awful with my nutrition! I have a habit of having small, unsuitable meals after a double gym session. I also unintentionally skip meals.
005) Learn to Knit & Crochet - one of my close friends is an incredible knitter and is always making amazing things. This has been on my goal list for far too long.
006) Finish restoration projects - I have 6 projects which are currently awaiting restoration. They are all vintage projects and they are just casually chilling in my living room taking up much needed space.
007) On the same subject of my flat, I also need to complete my DIY projects in my house such as my kitchen and my bathroom.
008) Beat my Starbucks addiction - I go to Starbucks most mornings before work and I always order a large Chai Tea. While Chai Tea is not exactly the most expensive drink on the menu, 5 days a week for 4 weeks, it all soon adds up.

What are your goals for 2015?

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  1. Looking forward to the colour run, hopefully see you there! :)

    Christy x
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