Sunday, 12 October 2014



If your life is anything remotely like mine, then it is a flurry of activity with not much time spent doing nothing. I am always on the go and never stop. If I am watching TV, then you can guarantee I will be doing something else at the same time ( I am currently watching Homeland while typing this). Which is why when shopping online, I simply don't have time to go trawling through websites looking for one item.

Therefore,let me introduce you to Mallzee: a revolutionary app which allows you browse several websites at the same time.





Here is why I like it:

001) It is very user friendly.
002) You can create style feeds ie coats and the app will collate all the coats matching your criteria in one place for you to view.
003) It is easy to select one brand and view a selection from them.
004) You have the option to save favourite pieces to a favourites list for viewing/buying later.
005) Click on 'buy' and it will take you straight to that item on the brands website so you can make a purchase.

Have you tried Mallzee yet?

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