Thursday, 30 October 2014

Autumn launches...

Launches here, launches there, launches everywhere.Here are few of the new Autumn launches that I have recently picked up:

Simple Spotless Skin Deep Clean Cleansing Pads:

First of all these are a very similar concept to the First Aid Beauty Blemish Control Pads : a simple pad that you swipe over your t-zone to prevent break-outs. These are a great concept and initial testing by myself seems to be pretty positive. However, the tub is about as bulky as they come so they are not particularly great for travelling.

£4.99 from Boots

Maybelline Colour Elixir Lip Lacquer:

These look a little deceiving: they look like solid lipsticks but when you open them they are liquid lipsticks. I picked this up in the shade 725 which I think is called 'Caramel Infused' (although don't hold me to that!). First impressions are pretty good. It has a smooth application and has excellent staying power.

£6.99 from Boots

Similar to Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil, Maybelline have released their own pencil range called Colour Drama. I picked up the shade '140 Minimalist' which true to its name is a gorgeous muted pink shade. I haven't properly been able to test this out but from swatching on my hands it is looking good for a positive result.

£4.99 from Boots

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot:

Oh Benefit, you really know how to spoil us Benebabes. As part of their Christmas 2014 range, Benefit have released a gift set which contains none less than 6 of their famous boxed powders: Hoola, Dandelion, CORALista, Belle Bamba, Rockateur & Sugarbomb. It also includes a small 'Watts up' as well as a mini brush. I couldn't wait for Christmas to get this so I picked this up on the day that it launched. I love it so much! 

£29.50 from Boots

Monday, 13 October 2014

September Favourites...

Woohoo! I have finally managed to upload another video and this one has honestly taken me forever to edit as I was trying something new with close-ups and such. I'm still a work in process with editing but I'm wanting to be on my A-game asap.


Sunday, 12 October 2014



If your life is anything remotely like mine, then it is a flurry of activity with not much time spent doing nothing. I am always on the go and never stop. If I am watching TV, then you can guarantee I will be doing something else at the same time ( I am currently watching Homeland while typing this). Which is why when shopping online, I simply don't have time to go trawling through websites looking for one item.

Therefore,let me introduce you to Mallzee: a revolutionary app which allows you browse several websites at the same time.





Here is why I like it:

001) It is very user friendly.
002) You can create style feeds ie coats and the app will collate all the coats matching your criteria in one place for you to view.
003) It is easy to select one brand and view a selection from them.
004) You have the option to save favourite pieces to a favourites list for viewing/buying later.
005) Click on 'buy' and it will take you straight to that item on the brands website so you can make a purchase.

Have you tried Mallzee yet?

Friday, 10 October 2014

Lush Cosmetics Christmas 2014...

Ever since I was a teenager, Lush has always been one of those shops that I have loved going into. From the moment you walk into a store, before you even get to the goodies, you are met with such an amazing aroma which certainly always puts me in a good mood.It's the perfect place to pick up a few treats for yourself.

With Christmas on the horizon, myself and some other bloggers from Aberdeen were invited down to our local Lush for a preview of their new Christmas range. From bath bombs to bath melts and beautifully boxed gift sets, there is a plethora of goodies to fill every Christmas stocking.

On arrival, we were treated to a twist on one of their popular Christmas products, Snow Fairy, in the form of a drink. It was non-alcoholic and very,very nice.


Afterwards, it was then on to some demonstrations: 


Bath bombs: 

Things that fizz and whizz, are always going to be a hit with me and Bath Bombs are no exception. This Christmas, Lush have a huge range of Christmas bath bombs available. From the warm,spicy scent of 'Cinders' to the appley scent of 'So White', there is something available to make every bath go with a bang! I'm just sad that I ripped out my own bath in my bathroom a few months ago during renovations and I don't think my Dad will let me use his after the last incident (it involved a very,very glittery bath bomb....)




Bath Melts/Bubble bars:

Like the bath bombs, Lush also have a huge range of Bath Melts & Bubble Bars available for the upcoming festive season. From 'The Melting Snowman' to 'Holly Golightly' and even a Snowman making kit (Yes, really!), there is something that will make that bath a little bit extra special. My favourites included 'Star Light, Star Bright' (lots and lots of glittery goodness!) and 'Candy Mountain'.




In addition to the above,Lush have also released some beautiful Skincare products for the upcoming Christmas season.  These include Shower Gels, Shower Jellies, Cleansers, Soaps and a couple of lip products. Of course, there is their ever popular 'Snow Fairy' back again along with 'Rose Jam' but there are also some other lovely items. I particularly love the 'Santa Baby' lip scrub which smells like Kola Kubes, the 'Yognog' soap as well as the 'Snowman Jelly'.

Thank you to the lovely girls at Lush Aberdeen for a fabulous evening!

Products are available now either instore or