Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ten things to tell my student self...

With Freshers week kicking off all around the country, I thought it was time to share my 'Ten things to tell my student self'. For those who don't know, I studied Zoology at the University of Aberdeen and I can wholeheartedly say it was the best 4* years of my life!

Let's go! 

001) Yes, you're a stationery addict but do you really need to take all that stationery to uni? Leave some in the shops...
002) Learn that Tequila is a boomerang and will always come back to bite you on the ass. You should have particularly learnt your lesson after that incident involving tequila and a severely wrecked ankle :/
003) Remember that week in January of 4th year where every single important piece of degree work was due in? Well you should have planned ahead much better to avoid staying in the 24hr building for a week and only leaving at 6am daily to get some sleep.
004) Do a proper food shop with better food choices once in a while. Supernoodles and Sausage rolls do not comprehend a healthy diet.
005) Use your holidays wisely to gain some valuable work experience.Retail not included.
006) Don't think too much about how other people see you and don't try to change yourself.
007) That thesis/practical project report you did in 4th year? Well....don't do a complicated design. Simplicity is key. Oh to be able to re-do this...
008) Use reading weeks productively academic-wise - there are only so many times in one week that your bedroom can be cleaned/re-arranged.
009) Break your chocomilk addiction by not always buying one between every 2 hour lecture in the Zoology building. Should probably apply this to my current lifestyle and attempt to break my Starbucks habit...
010) Stop buying rubbish - you're only going to have to get rid of it when you move after uni.

And there you have it: my ten things that I would tell my student self.

What would you tell your student self? 

*Most undergraduate degrees in Scotland are 4 years long :)

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