Friday, 5 September 2014



Remember me? No? That's not surprising considering I've not blogged in a ridiculous amount of time.  Life has been, what shall we say, crazy in one form or the other which has left me very little time to be creative. From living out of a suitcase for a month to heading to the Commonwealth Games as well as spending quality time with friends and family including a trip to the vets with Mr Fluffles (pictured above with his crazy nails) to get his nails trimmed (oh that was an experience I won't forget!) I've been pretty much AWOL.

Blog-wise, by taking an unintentional break I have been able to reflect what is important to both myself and my blog. Quite simply, before the break, I was lost. I got so caught up in what everyone else was doing/posting that I lost my own vision for my blog. Now that I have a clear head, the creative process cogs are starting to turn once again and I now feel like my blog will once again be a reflection of my true self. Besides finding my vision again, I am also thinking about the technical side of my blog. There are aspects I do still love like my logo but others are so-so or just plain pants.In addition, I am currently trying to decide if to switch to Wordpress or not as I feel blogger is just not cutting it anymore. Any othe r Wordpress users able to help a girl out?

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