Thursday, 17 July 2014

What's in my handbag (the small edition)...

Bag: Vintage

Living in Scotland means you have to be prepared for all weathers. No joke. As I don't like getting caught out, this means that I normally cart around a huge bag filled to the brim with items. However, since my return from Portugal (post coming soon), I have actually found that I have ditched the large bag in favour for a smaller one.

So here is  'What's in my handbag (the small edition)':

Soap & Glory Kick-Ass concealer
Marc Jacobs Honey Rollerball (not available in UK)
Aztec Umbrella
Mini Hairbrush
Red pouch (contains medication fyi)
Suede Skull Purse
iPhone Charger

Other items not pictured: iPhone & Keys

What do you keep in yours?

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