Sunday, 29 June 2014

Top coats on trial...

Top coats are pretty much an essential when it comes to a manicure. For me personally, it is very rare that I can get away without a top coat. I think there is perhaps one nail varnish that allows me to go sans top coat.

As I have been actively hunting for a top coat that keeps my nails looking their best, I have decided to put 5 high-street top coats to the test.

Nails Inc Caviar, Rimmel Nail Nurse, Barry M, Collection, Sally Hansen

The top coats on trial are:

Nail Inc Caviar Topcoat

To make the test fair,I painted 2 fingers (one on each hand): 1 finger which gets used a lot and 1 which doesn't. I also did not alter anything that I would usually do ie shower less.

Observation notes:

Day 1: Nail 2 on left hand (Collection) chipped after an hour.
Day 2: Both Nail 1 on left hand (Sally Hansen) and Nail 5 on right hand (Collection) chipped
Day 3: Nail 5 on left hand (Barry M) chipped and further chipping to previous chips
Day 4: Nail 3 on left hand (Nails Inc) slightly chipped
Day 5: More chipping on nail 3 on left hand. On right hand, slight chipping to nails 2 & 3 (Collection & Nails Inc)


After 5 days of testing, the results are detailed below in reverse order:

5) Collection
4) Sally Hansen
3) Barry M
2) Nails Inc
1) Rimmel

I have to admit that the winning nail varnish did really surprise me. Out of all of them, this was the only one which had no chipping whatsoever after 5 days. Impressive for a purse-friendly £4.49.

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