Monday, 24 March 2014

Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment concealer...

Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment

Soap & Glory are one of those brands which I can never get enough of. It doesn't matter if it is body, skincare or make-up, I love it all. While in Boots a while back, I spotted 'Trick & Treatment' nestling on the shelves

Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment, Teacups & Buttondrops

'Trick & Treatment' is a concealer which treats both dark circles and also acts as a colour corrector. As dark circles are something I am always up for getting rid of/hiding, I was keen to give this a go. This concealer is orange-toned and is on the shimmery side. I can see the logic behind a shimmery concealer, however,if too much is applied,it will look like there is a disco going on under your eyes.

Now the question is, does it conceal? The simple answer is yes. However, I think that this product works best in conjunction with another product. My chosen weapon is Benefit Boiiing which I use mainly to tone down the shimmer - no disco going on under my eyelids!

Soap & Glory Trick & Treatment retails for £9.00 and is available from Boots

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