Friday, 7 February 2014

Interior Inspo: the bathroom edition...

My bathroom is perhaps the most horrible bathroom you will ever feast your eyes on. I'm not joking when I say the walls are bright blue (almost cobalt) and the paint used is not bathroom paint. My walls are even the same colour as what the fireplace was in my living room  (that my friends is a story for another day).It is so bad that I genuinely feel embarrassed every time a guest has to go the bathroom.

As I am a pinterest addict (find me here), I have been pinning a lot of potential ideas for my bathroom that I will be ripping out later this year (hooray!)

Here are a few ideas I have pinned:

Bathroom Inspiration, Pinterest, Ameyjaney
Generally, I want to keep it light and airy as it is not that big a room. I also would like to incorporate a bit of a vintage twist to tie in with the rest of my flat. I will be ripping out the bath (takes up too much space) and instead including a large walk-in shower.

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  1. Once you have finished with yours can you come and arrange all mine please?! I have no idea where to start... x


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