Friday, 30 August 2013

Home comforts...

Living away from home has both its perks and its downsides. For instance, it is great being able to have your own space to live your own life but then again you miss certain little things that you grew up with.

Recently I spent a few days back at my parents house and it got me thinking about my home comforts which I will share with you below:

Barney & Alfie:

                              (L-R Alfie & Barney)

I miss this terrible twosome too much - whether it is Alfie's obsession with his ball or Barney's thievery, I miss it all. I love spending as much time with them as possible and either causing chaos with them (much to my mums annoyance) or taking advantage of their snuggling ability (yes, they are both extremely cuddly as well). I also miss walking them as going for a walk without a dog is not the same thing.

Bucket sized mugs of tea:

Being British, a cup of tea is never far from my mind.At home, my Mum has these ginormous mugs which are the size of small buckets. I love these mugs as not only are they huge, they also manage to successfully satisfy my tea obsession (for a while anyway).

Homegrown vegetables:

My Dad has green fingers (actually my Mum isn't too bad either - hey Mum, I know you read this :p) and every year since I can remember he has planted a veg garden. To me, there is nothing better than the knowledge of knowing that you grew the veg upon your plate yourself. I just wish that my garden wasn't shared so I could do the same.

A few others that I have no photos of:

Homecooking: I don't know if there is anyone who doesn't like going home for a home cooked meal by their parents. Particular favourites of mine include: Mince & Dumplings, Cullen Skink,roast dinner and my Dad's Lasagne.

Living in the Countryside: Living in a city is amazing - don't get me wrong. However, sometimes I prefer being surrounded by fields and the peacefulness which is the countryside. I love it anytime of year - from lambs in the fields in Spring to beautiful snowy scenes in the Winter. There is no time of year that I do not appreciate the countryside.

Shutters: My parents live in a Victorian house in which most of the bedrooms have wooden shutters in them.These are great as they block out every single speck of light which means I often sleep in and wake up wondering what time it is. My mum also brings me in a cup of tea to wake me up too :).

                                                   What are your home comforts?