Monday, 31 December 2012

Goals 2013

2012 brought with it, amongst other things, a goal list for myself. When I initially typed a list of things to achieve at the beginning of 2012, I seriously had doubts about whether I would  keep it up-to-date without it disappearing into the Abyss. In the end, I did manage to keep it (fairly) up-to-date.

Therefore, I have decided in 2013 to do another list to both challenge myself and to make my life a bit more exciting.

2013 Goals:

001)Find a permanent job
002)Take part in a charity event: Race for Life, Moonwalk etc
003)Decorate Bedroom
004)Decorate Hallway
005)Minimise clutter in flat
006)Print out 100 photographs from my own work
007)Complete 3 sketches/drawings
008)Make more of an effort to be self-sufficient (making own bread, jam etc)
009)Read Life of Pi
010)Watch The Notebook (I'm probably the only person on the planet who hasn't seen it)
011)Go to Edinburgh Castle (I've lived 30 mins away for 16 years and I have never been....)
012)Save £500 - I am the world's worst person for saving....It goes something like 'ooooh that lipstick is pretty...I don't have one in that colour'
013)Watch 'The Seven Year Itch' and coincidentally watch all Marilyn Monroe films I can find
014)Climb a hill/mountain - 'Ben Ahee' anyone?
015)Make a Cheesecake
016)Finish building my flat-pack camera which is currently sitting on a stool
017)Build my pin-hole camera
018)Grow some window herbs to use in cooking
019)Host 2 dinner parties
020)Go home to my parents house to gut out my old bedroom...
021)Go on 2 photography adventures with photography-mad friends....

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