Thursday, 8 November 2012

MAC Haul

I'll admit I've been a bit out of the loop recently. I'm so caught up in my new job as well as enjoying the free weekends that I now have, that I've hardly had time to even switch on a computer, never mind blog.

Anyway, I'm back with lots of ideas for posts so to start with I am posting a MAC Haul.

MAC, Haul, Lipstick, Fanfare, Brave, Dollymix

MAC is one of those brands which I tend to buy if I fancy a little treat, although in the last year since I started buying it, I have acquired a little pile. I think my favourite item are the lipsticks as they are really nice and they smell lovely too.

The items which I am featuring here were purchased around a month ago from the MAC store in Glasgow Airport. After subjecting my mum to an extended hand swatching session, I finally decided to come away with these products:

MAC, Haul, Lipstick, Fanfare, Brave, Dollymix
L-R: Brave, Dollymix, Fanfare


MAC, Haul, Lipstick, Fanfare, Brave, Dollymix
Top-Bottom: Brave, Fanfare, Dollymix


  1. You can't go wrong with a MAC haul! Love the colour of those lipsticks xx

    1. MAC stuff is soooo nice! I think i'm addicted..

  2. I loveee a mac haul! Dollymix is one of my favessss! Xx


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