Monday, 26 November 2012

Instagram #13

Freak burst of snow/Matey/Prawn stir fry/OOTN/Starbucks/Bobby Dazzler/
Package/New camera book/Casual Friday/Bubbles/Rihanna/Jemima/
Doggy walking/Arm candy/FOTD/Coastal walk/Gunny/Right spelling/
Filmed a video/WIWTW/More coast/Bath time/LOTR/Nachos/
Person/OOTD/Moomin hair/Pink nails/OOTD

Seriously, how is it almost December already? Normally I don't get panicked about Xmas shopping but this year....well. Although I think my panicking comes down to the fact that I will have to do mine when it's ridiculously busy as I now work Monday-Friday (which does have its perks right enough)

Anyway due to my new work pattern, I have been enjoying life to the full with lots of nights out, dinners and occasional crafty nights in amongst other things. It's a refreshing change from working in retail and now having one routine with set days off instead of 5 days out of 7. It's safe to say that I now know what the 'Friday feeling' feels like...

Monday, 19 November 2012

Ring-a-ding-ding - Jewellery Haul

So a few weeks ago, I popped into the new Internacionale store in Aberdeen which had recently re-opened after a couple of months absence in the city. I had heard some good things about the new store since it had re-opened from a few people who used to work with the company so I thought it was time I paid a visit.

Here is what I (eventually) picked up:

Bit of a theme going on here...

Have you bought anything from Internacionale recently?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

MAC Fanfare

I am in love with MAC lipsticks - they are creamy, they smell nice, they come in a variety of different finishes and a have huge, colour selection which I can guarantee even the pickiest lipstick lover will find a shade they love.

MAC Fanfare is one of my newer lipstick shades to my collection. It is a gorgeous, neutral pink which is perfect for during the day. It would suit most people as it is so wearable. Generally speaking, I tend to shy away from shades that are brighter than what I normally wear. However, Fanfare is slightly brighter than what I'm used to and you know what....I really like it.

MAC Fanfare lipstick

MAC Fanfare lipstick

MAC Fanfare lipstick

Monday, 12 November 2012

Leaving the hustle & bustle behind...

Sometimes you have to leave the city life behind for a day to explore the world outside. A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I did just that and headed to Castle Fraser which is just outside Aberdeen. It was a perfect autumn day - sunny but with a crisp, autumnal feel.

Castle Fraser from the viewpoint

Resident friendly cat

Top half of castle

Secret garden

Hi there!

Some heads on sticks for Halloween

Wild bunny

Have you been on any adventures recently?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

MAC Haul

I'll admit I've been a bit out of the loop recently. I'm so caught up in my new job as well as enjoying the free weekends that I now have, that I've hardly had time to even switch on a computer, never mind blog.

Anyway, I'm back with lots of ideas for posts so to start with I am posting a MAC Haul.

MAC, Haul, Lipstick, Fanfare, Brave, Dollymix

MAC is one of those brands which I tend to buy if I fancy a little treat, although in the last year since I started buying it, I have acquired a little pile. I think my favourite item are the lipsticks as they are really nice and they smell lovely too.

The items which I am featuring here were purchased around a month ago from the MAC store in Glasgow Airport. After subjecting my mum to an extended hand swatching session, I finally decided to come away with these products:

MAC, Haul, Lipstick, Fanfare, Brave, Dollymix
L-R: Brave, Dollymix, Fanfare


MAC, Haul, Lipstick, Fanfare, Brave, Dollymix
Top-Bottom: Brave, Fanfare, Dollymix