Friday, 5 October 2012

Instagram #12

Bins, bins everywhere/Arm candy/Oreo cupcake/Chocolates/Oops/current fav outfit/
Deserted/Sunrise/New duvet set/Another sunrise/Leather bus seats/IKEA/
Teapot lamp/Another current fav/Rubber stuff/Cocktail/Tea post/Sushi/
Like crime? Read MacBride/ Stripes/Cute tearoom/Cupcakes/Female Batman/Ratties/
Omelette/Floral/Homegrown grapes/Friend's amazing carrot cake/Too many dvds/ Gecko/
Cross-stitch/Morning/More tearoom/Alfie being 'Bog Dog'/Yum/Kindle time

Now that Autumn is in full swing, I have been enjoying cosy nights in armed with a large mug of tea, a good book or a cross-stitch (Granny much?). I think when Autumn creeps in, I like to step away from the laptop sometimes and enjoy the simple life before the internet, which is why, unless scheduled, there has not been much regular posting or youtube action.

What do you enjoy once Autumn kicks in?

PS:I honestly need to start doing these Instagram posts much more often - I've had to omit a fair few pictures this time. 

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