Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Launching: Nail That!

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It's safe to say I am a daydreamer. I constantly have ideas running through my head. One of these has become much more than an idea in the past few months and is now ready to be launched. So without further ado, I want to introduce you to Nail that!

Nail that! is a nail blogging community where the main aim is for people to be inspired by others with anything to do with nails. So whether you have created an amazing nail design, a tutorial on the perfect manicure or even a nail varnish that has really floated your boat, I'm looking for you!

I'm welcoming submissions from everyone - it doesn't matter if you are a blogger with a million followers or a blogger with none. The most important thing is that you want to be part of a nail community which helps to inspire others by contributing post content.

So... if you are interested in becoming part of nail blogging community and submitting post content, then head over to Nail that! and click on the submissions page for more information.

On a side note, this blog (Teacups) will remain as it is and will still be updated as much as I can.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Goal update #6

Recently, I've had a few things going my way for once (Fingers crossed that I've not put a turn on that) and life is generally good. I've managed to find a temporary position work-wise and I've also managed to keep up with my gym routine (although I ache all over today from the last two days). I've also been spending some time doing crafts as well as reading lots.

So my goal list pretty much looks like this now:

2012 goals

001) Aim higher in my career completed 8/10/12

002) Go to the gym at least 3 times per week completed 8/10/12

003) Launch creative project 1 completed 10/03/12 - visit

004) Launch creative project 2

005) Watch Trainspotting completed 10/03/12

006) Get my first tattoo

007) Decorate my bedroom

008) Paint my hallway

009) Visit home more often to see my parents completed 15/5/12

010) Be less materialistic  completed 22/8/12

011) See much more of my friends  completed 3/7/12

012) Run/jog/walk Race for life

013) Read the Hunger Games - completed 17/04/12

014) Read the Virgin Suicides  completed 3/7/12

015) Re-tune my drawing skills ie re-learn to draw (I seem to have left my ability behind in school) - in progress 17/04/12

016) Participate in p52 @

017) Shoot more rolls of film (target: 10 rolls) - in progress 10/03/12

018) Film some videos for YouTube (target: 5 videos) - completed 10/03/12

019) Learn to use my sewing machine

020) Print out much more of my photography

021) Read The Picture of Dorian Gray completed 22/8/12

022)Write some creative pieces (target: 3 pieces)

023) Comment on many more blogs - completed 3/7/12

024) Read The Scarlet Letter - completed 17/04/12

Friday, 5 October 2012

Instagram #12

Bins, bins everywhere/Arm candy/Oreo cupcake/Chocolates/Oops/current fav outfit/
Deserted/Sunrise/New duvet set/Another sunrise/Leather bus seats/IKEA/
Teapot lamp/Another current fav/Rubber stuff/Cocktail/Tea post/Sushi/
Like crime? Read MacBride/ Stripes/Cute tearoom/Cupcakes/Female Batman/Ratties/
Omelette/Floral/Homegrown grapes/Friend's amazing carrot cake/Too many dvds/ Gecko/
Cross-stitch/Morning/More tearoom/Alfie being 'Bog Dog'/Yum/Kindle time

Now that Autumn is in full swing, I have been enjoying cosy nights in armed with a large mug of tea, a good book or a cross-stitch (Granny much?). I think when Autumn creeps in, I like to step away from the laptop sometimes and enjoy the simple life before the internet, which is why, unless scheduled, there has not been much regular posting or youtube action.

What do you enjoy once Autumn kicks in?

PS:I honestly need to start doing these Instagram posts much more often - I've had to omit a fair few pictures this time.