Saturday, 1 September 2012

Haddo House

One Sunday, a while ago, I embarked on a little adventure with one of my friends to Haddo House. Haddo House is a gorgeous mansion set within some lovely grounds (which includes a massive lake). On the day we went, the weather was being particularly Scottish as in it couldn't decide what it was doing. There were numerous times that we just stood under an umbrella for fear of getting drenched if we moved.

We took a walk around the lake (which was massive) and met lots of dog walkers along with the largest amount of geese I have ever encountered - Barnacle and Canadian Geese. Seriously, I have never seen so many geese. We also met a family of swans - although the male got pretty defensive with us at first, raising his wings up until he realised we weren't actually going to do anything but admire their beauty.

After a long walk around the lake and hiding in the numerous animal hides they have, we had some lunch and then went home. We didn't go into the house as we both were fairly wet, thanks to the lovely Scottish weather.

Here are a few photos of the walk around the grounds:

Have you ever been to Haddo House? What is your favourite country walk?

For more info on Haddo House, you can visit here

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