Thursday, 23 August 2012

What I'm #5

sea, anemone, MacDuff aquarium
Sea Anemone - MacDuff Aquarium

001)The lovely weather we have been having
002)Sainsbury's Jam doughnuts
003)My skincare routine
004)Youtubing (

001) Having no job :(
002)The fact I can never get to the end of my washing pile

001) The Big Bang Theory

001)Lots of bands I've not listened to for ages on my ipod - currently Jet, Orson, Green Day & The View

Funniest moment:
001)Listening to my parents 'Bog Dog' stories ie Alfie who enjoys swimming in the bog
002)Listening to tales of the wild baby bunny that seems to have adopted my parents - current escapades include making friends with a plastic garden meerkat and peering in the patio doors. I have a video which I will put up on youtube next week :)

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