Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spa Magik - Sea salt scrub

A while ago I received some spa treatments to try out. I first tried out the mineral shampoo and hair serum which I reviewed here .This time I am going to review 'Salt brushing' which is basically an exfoliating sea salt scrub.

What the product claims to do:
"Naturally exfoliating salt scrub with pure Dead Sea salts, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E to deeply nourish skin." It also claims to: Exfoliate dead skin cells, be deeply hydrating, rejuvenate appearance of skin and aid skin repair.

What I thought:
Overall I did enjoy this product. Admittedly it was a bit strange getting into the shower without the water on, applying this, then turning the water on as this product needs to be applied to dry skin. However, once I turned the water on and started to de-scrub, my skin was left feeling silky smooth. Lovely.

Like the mineral shampoo and hair serum, the sachet was once again a generous size. If I had noticed this before, I probably could have got another treatment out of it.

The Salt Brushing Exfoliating scrub retails at £13.30 for 500ml (John Lewis)

Spa Magick products are available at Holland & Barrett, John Lewis, Debenhams amongst other retailers.


  1. I really love this, my skin always feels amazing after I use it! xo

    1. It really surprised me when I was washing it off - so smooth!

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