Wednesday, 29 August 2012

RHS Flower & Pony show

On Saturday, I went on a little adventure with one of my friends to the RHS Flower & Pony Show held in Duthie Park. While we were there we saw lots of gorgeous ponies, admired floral displays (mainly Olympic themed), wondered how many people we could feed with the massive vegetables that were being exhibited and got inspired by some crafts.Then it rained.Hard. Cue a quick dash from the floral marquee to the cafe for a well-deserved cup of tea and a traybake. After waiting it out, we wandered into the Winter Gardens, where to our surprise, there was mini floods inside the Winter Gardens (I felt sorry for the wedding that was going on - no way through!). We then looked at lots of lovely flowers, took photos, ran across a wall to get past a flood and attempted to make friends with some little birds. After that we walked home, nibbled on some Chinese food and watched X-Factor.

Here are some photos from our little adventure:

This foal was taking a snooze & ever so often he kept poking his head up as if to say 'I'm trying to sleep here'

Based upon Bradley Wiggins. I didn't even notice the wheel until later.

Bradley Wiggins

Usain Bolt

The wall on the left is the one I climbed on

Have you ever been to anything like this before?

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  1. All that rain aside, this looks like an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Love that little sleepy foal especially!x


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