Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Instagram #11

Vintage tee & Jeans/Sausage Roll & Tomato Soup/Photography/Barney & Alfie/Breakfast/My ride/
Spotted/Beach walking/Roast for 1/Monster Tree/OOTD/Building a camera/
OOTD/Camera walking/Packed for a weekend/Skull ring/Floral/Barney's fav place in my flat/
Bog Dog (secretly a labrador)/Oops/Arm Candy/Morning/Nails/Rekorderlig/
Shrimp/Long Hair/Another OOTD/Sunset/Sunset again/Peach Jeans/
Made me lol/Alfie/Alfie again/Fishy/Barney doing a spot of sleeping on the job/running out of Boiing

Recently has been, well fairly stressful. Much to my annoyance, I still haven't found a job.I'm the type of person that needs structure in their lives - I need to be kept busy. I enjoy having somewhere to go each day and then coming home to relax. However, I will admit that I have loved seeing much more of my friends. In my previous job, I was often working till 8.30pm then home by 9pm which meant I didn't really get much time to be with them. Anyway,I'll leave that little rant there.

In other news, I've adopted some kind of domestic housewife bliss - I've been enjoying keeping things clean and tidy which, if you know me, never happens. I've also been to the cinema on many occasions to see a ridiculous amount of films (don't worry I have Orange Wednesdays :)). I also briefly ended up in A&E (I'm ok :)) and did some ceilidh dancing. So all in all, a pretty jam-packed wee while.

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