Thursday, 16 August 2012

Glossy Box August 2012

Glossybox, August, 2012, BeautyFor this month's box, the theme was 'International Superstars' which was most likely to tie in with the Olympics (sob - I have withdrawal symptoms) and the Paralympics. This theme was a good idea as beauty products do vary between countries and it's interesting to try out new items.

On first impressions, I loved the box and was really excited with all the products especially the eyeshadow palette. However, my joy was short-lived when I found out I was unable to open said palette. I still can't open it (and yes I did take off the sticker).Annoying.

So what did I receive?

DHC, Deep Cleansing Oil, Glossy Box,

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil:
I'm not a huge buyer of oils for the face & body but this wee thing looks intriguing. To use: apply it with dry hands and then rinse off. This will dissolve your make-up. Brilliant.

Alessandro, Pro White, Nail Varnish, Glossy Box

Alessandro Pro White:
I am an avid nail painter and rarely will I have no colour on my nails. If I don't it's probably due to the fact that my nails are in terrible condition and starting to go yellow. However, this little product aims to deter from that,so fingers crossed I will have no more yellow nails.

Vera Valenti, eyeshadow palette

Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette:
This was the product I was originally excited about when I first opened the box but unfortunately I've been unable to open it :(. I've since heard that the quality of these shadows is actually pretty poor.

All for eve for the eve appeal, Glossy Box

All for Eve for the Eve appeal Eve's Balm:
To put it simply: I like this product. A recovery balm which will help soothe any dry patches. Sounds good to me.

Glossy Box, lipstick

Glossy Box Lipstick:
This was an added wee bonus in this month's box. I'm not a massive fan of the Glossy Box branded products (apart from the mirror) as I think they price them too high for what they are. However, this lipstick is a gorgeous colour and when I swatched it earlier on my hand, it seemed determined to hang on for dear life. This is a good sign.

Lipcote, Glossy Box

I've left my favourite until last. This was a product I had contemplated picking up on numerous occasions in town, but had never got around to it. It's a product which seals in lipstick and as a lipstick lover, it is kind of an essential!

What did you receive in yours? Did you like this month's?


  1. The lipstick looks like the only decent item in the box. Still havent received my box either grr xo
    Beauty Fiends Blog

    1. I had it on earlier and it was lovely. My last GB was about 3 days after everyone else - I think they may stagger the dispatch..


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