Thursday, 2 August 2012

An up-do you say? Challenge accepted.

Schwarzkopf have recently launched a new range of hair products called Silhouette. They are specifically targeted towards coloured hair and they aim to combine intense hold with shine whilst protecting your colour.  I was lucky enough to be sent a mousse, hairspray and a shine spray to try out. I was also given the challenge of styling an up-do inspired by a celebrity.

silhouette, schwarzkopf, mousse, hairspray, shine spray

My hair is fairly long (just past my boob if you're interested) and extremely fine. It lacks a lot of volume and it probably spends 99% of its time as a topknot. The only time I bother making an effort with my hair is for a night out, which is why I was looking forward to this challenge.

Picking a celebrity to be inspired by was not going to be easy. Celebrities are everywhere with varying degrees of hairstyles - from the insane (Lady Gaga) to the sane (Anne Hathaway). There is also a wide range of lengths. As someone who is not a pro when it comes to hair (I'm much better at make-up), I wanted something that I could achieve without getting too confused.

Dianna Agron (or Quinn Fabray from Glee as you may know her) used to have a similar length of hair to me. I've always admired Dianna's style as it is girly but effortless. Therefore when I stumbled across a picture of her hair from an event, I knew that this was the inspiration.

Dianna Agron, Glee, Quinn Fabray, hair

To create the look, I ran some mousse through damp hair to give it a bit of texture to work with. After drying, I sectioned my hair into 4 sections. Once sectioned, I used my Babyliss Conical wand to curl each of the sections. In the picture of Dianna above, it looks like a larger barrel was used, however I only have a smallish size. After curling, I took sections and I pinned them onto the top of my head to create a kind of poofy effect. Then I finished with lots of hairspray and also the shine spray.

What do you think? 

Also a  massive thanks to ImmediatePR1 for sending me the products to play with :). I had a lot of fun doing this.


  1. Gorgeous! I adore Dianna, she's so lovely and you've done such a lovely job of recreating her style! xo

  2. It looks really really pretty and soft (: You really suit it.

    Thanks for your comment - replied on my post!


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