Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: Spa Magick Mineral Shampoo & Hair Serum

Spa - who doesn't love a good spa? I certainly do. There is nothing I enjoy more than going back to basics with mud treatments and massages amongst other treatments. Not so long ago, I was sent a little package of spa treatments to try out at home. It contained a number of products, but the ones I am reviewing in this post are the Spa Magick Mineral Shampoo and Hair Serum.

Mineral, Shampoo, Spa Magick, Dead, Sea, minerals, spa
Dead Sea, Spa Magick, Hair, Serum, Spa

What the product claims to do:

"Hair Magic Intensive Treatment ideal for dehydrated hair, and is suitable for all hair and scalp types. It will protect hair's radiant vitality by saturating each strand with thirst-quenching Dead Sea minerals and organic plant extracts!"

What I thought:


To start off with, the sachet of shampoo contained a generous amount of product. If I had known this, I probably would've split the treatment. However, that aside, the shampoo lathered up really nicely once I'd applied it. I didn't notice much of a difference with the shampoo - it just felt like shampoo. What I did notice was the smell. I didn't like the smell and was totally put off by it.

Hair Serum: 

This sample was another generous sachet. Like the shampoo it had the same smell which again was off-putting. With this treatment, I applied it, left it for 5 mins under a shower cap (to let it work its magic) and then washed it off. Once rinsed off, my hair was so smooth that the borrowers could've used it as a slide. Impressed is not a strong enough word.


I liked these products as I felt that they suited my hair type which tends to be fairly dry. Looking at the products separately, I would need more time to work with the shampoo whereas the serum does the job on its own. With these products combined, it is a perfectly good treatment and would be perfect to use maybe twice a month or after certain situations like beach holidays where your hair tends to be frazzled. The only negative aspects is the smell and the fact I had issues opening the sachets. I think if you can get over the smell, you are onto a winner.

Spa Magick products are available at Holland & Barrett, John Lewis, Debenhams amongst other retailers.

The shampoo retails at £8.25 for 330ml (John Lewis) and the Hair Serum £17.19 for 150ml (Holland & Barrett).

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