Thursday, 19 July 2012

Instagram #10

Elf Haul/Grand Prix/Walking/Tea/Cosy/Wheat Crunchies/
Desk/ Hambug TV/Too many lipsticks/Blusher/New fav. necklace/Arm Candy/
Misprint in book/Treats/Editing video/Geese/No pictures/Deprived of yellow party rings
Blog photography/90's vibe/Main headline (slow newsday?)/Ball in Nail Varnish/Chipper/New film SLR/
/Finished photographing items/veggies/Pic n mix/Dominos/Dress/Dress 2/
'That' Stripy Dress/Japanese Sex/Nighttime skincare/Ridic./Updating my Flickr/Another Dress

Hello monster Instagram post. Life has been a bit hectic since I last did one of these and I have all the free time in the world right now (ie no job - if you know anything, let me know!). Apart from job hunting, I've been at the cinema a few times, out for drinks and ended up in a casino (Japanese sex was actually very nice - the drink that is!), spending too long watching youtube videos and developing an insane obsession for bacon flavour crisps. I'm interesting....sure....

On another note, I'm planning to switch things around on here a bit. Nothing too drastic - just more of a spring clean than anything. I've come to a point on here where I've got itchy feet and want to freshen it up. With all the free time that I have now, there's no time like the present.

Also a quick, cheeky ask if you could look at my youtube channel . I uploaded a few videos recently and I should have another one up tomorrow :). I'm planning to upload regularly :)

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