Friday, 13 July 2012

5 High Street non-hyped wonder products under £5...

Now, as you probably know by now, I'm much more of a drugstore make-up girl than anything else.There is nothing more that I love then spending time in Boots swatching away samples of make-up (yes, seriously - more fun if there's a friend doing it too). Over time I have tried and tested a fair few products (slight understatement there) and it's safe to say I have found a few favourites. For me, the products don't need to be expensive (as you will see) as long as they do their job, which is what I have found in these. These products featured are also non-hyped products.

Johnson's hydrating 24 hour day cream

I have a fairly simple skincare routine for both morning and night. One of the products I use in the morning is this day cream. It has a light consistency and applies easily. It also has that characteristic Johnson's baby smell which I love. Moisturiser-wise, it leaves your skin feeling remarkably soft and retails at £4.07. To be honest, I never have any regrets about Johnson's products as I've always had a good experience with them.  I also use the night cream as well as the cleansing lotion.

Beauty UK - Salon Professional nail varnish

This is a bit of a blanket item. I love all Beauty UK nail varnishes. They apply so well and only need 2 coats. I find them to be fairly chip-resistant as well, it is usually around 4 days that they start to look dodgy. If you look back at my previous nail posts, it won't be long until you find a sample of them. They retail at £2.49 and are available at Internacionale and Superdrug (smaller sizes).

Witch Concealer - Natural

I have repurchased this item lots of times. It is a stick concealer which twists up. I'm not sure about you,but I hate putting concealer over blemishes as I feel it does nothing for them. However, this wonder product contains witch-hazel which helps with blemishes,so I no longer have to feel guilty. This retails for £4.99 and is available in Boots.

Superdrug - Essential Eye make-up remover

I've talked briefly about this eye make-up remover on here before. This was an accidental purchase when I had no money. Usually I stay far away from 'tesco-value' type brands in the beauty world as I don't really feel like injuring myself. I do know that everything has to be tested thoroughly before we use it, but the voice inside of me says 'No, don't do it!'. However, thoughts aside, I kind of like this product. It removes so much make-up with one sweep and I never have to reach for more on a cotton pad. It doesn't hurt unless you accidently get it in your eye. I have the Camomile version which is for all skin types, but I believe there may be another one as well (don't quote me on that). The best part of this product? It retails for a whole 99p.

ELF - Studio Blush

Another blanket item. Most of you will have heard of ELF - if not, just where have you been? ELF do a great range of make-up and tools for mainly under £10. I have a fair amount of products from them, but the one product that I continually rave and go back to is the studio blushes. I think I have 4 and for one of them,I have just ordered a repurchase. The blushes are pigmented and they are long-lasting. They retail for £3.75.

What are your wonder products? Have you tried any of these?If so, which ones?

Also, I uploaded a new youtube video the other day to my channel which you can find here .It is really lonely over there, so I would be grateful if you could take a peek :)


  1. Cool post! Thanks for the tips! I want to try that Johnsons 24 cream now as I get really dry skin.
    Just discovered your blog and it's lovely :) x

    1. Thank you :). I really do love the Johnsons stuff :)

  2. Loved this post, I've never tried Beauty UK polishes but they sound quite good! Think I'll try some soon :)


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