Monday, 23 July 2012

Letter to my 16 year old self...

sunset,cullen, bay, scotland, moray firth, skink
Sunset over Cullen Bay - Amey Slater photography (Do not steal!)

I've seen these done before but I figured my 16 year old self could probably do with some wise words:

Dear 16 year old self,

First things first: listen to and respect your parents. They speak wise words which will help you later in life. Out of all the people in the world, they are the people who probably know you best. Also, make every moment count with them as life has a way of throwing in some nasty twists and turns.

You know that primary school friendship? Let it go. This person has done enough over the years to destroy your confidence. It won't get better. In fact, after the Paris trip, it will inevitably get worse and you will feel at your lowest. Instead, concentrate on other friendships. One will stay with you for a long time, long after university finishes. 

Take up horse-riding again. It made you happy and was always your highlight of the week. Once you leave home, it will be harder to do.

Don't limit yourself to what you want to do in life. Explore other options at this stage. You may find something that you prefer.

If you work hard, you will get where you want to be. Don't be put off by peers who get straight A's. If you focus enough, you could do that too. It's not unachievable.

Read. Reading was something you loved doing until it became 'uncool'. Embrace it again and discover new and existing pastures. Also on the subject of reading, read over your English coursework. You don't realise when you write, but you frequently write material that makes no sense and you have a habit of adding in the same words twice in a row. Reading over would help you go much further with English.

Get creative - paint, draw, photograph. These are all things that you enjoy doing but never seem to do much of. Later in life, you will have even less time to do these so enjoy doing these while you can.

Accompany your parents when walking the dog. Later, when not living at home and you have no dog in your house, you will miss this activity tremendously. Also, family pets are not around forever, so you should treasure every moment even if it does mean walking in the pouring rain.

Love your 24 year old self

Have you ever tried writing one of these? If so, leave a comment with a link to the post below and I'll have a look :).

Friday, 20 July 2012

Just a little dupe...

I'm here with something exciting today - a dupe. At least I think it is. I came across it by accident when I was photographing blog items yesterday and got a bit too excited to say the least. I've not seen it anywhere else either. So what is this dupe I hear you ask? It is Topshop 'Secret Admirer' as a dupe for MAC Creme Cup.

MAC, Mac, Topshop, lipstick, secret admirer, Creme Cup, Dupe
L-R Topshop Secret Admirer £8 & MAC Creme Cup £13.50

MAC, Mac, lipstick, creme cup, swatches, topshop, secret admirer

They are not exactly the same but I feel that they are pretty close! I also apologise for the lighting as it did not look like that in the camera!

What do you think? Do you know of any other dupes?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Instagram #10

Elf Haul/Grand Prix/Walking/Tea/Cosy/Wheat Crunchies/
Desk/ Hambug TV/Too many lipsticks/Blusher/New fav. necklace/Arm Candy/
Misprint in book/Treats/Editing video/Geese/No pictures/Deprived of yellow party rings
Blog photography/90's vibe/Main headline (slow newsday?)/Ball in Nail Varnish/Chipper/New film SLR/
/Finished photographing items/veggies/Pic n mix/Dominos/Dress/Dress 2/
'That' Stripy Dress/Japanese Sex/Nighttime skincare/Ridic./Updating my Flickr/Another Dress

Hello monster Instagram post. Life has been a bit hectic since I last did one of these and I have all the free time in the world right now (ie no job - if you know anything, let me know!). Apart from job hunting, I've been at the cinema a few times, out for drinks and ended up in a casino (Japanese sex was actually very nice - the drink that is!), spending too long watching youtube videos and developing an insane obsession for bacon flavour crisps. I'm interesting....sure....

On another note, I'm planning to switch things around on here a bit. Nothing too drastic - just more of a spring clean than anything. I've come to a point on here where I've got itchy feet and want to freshen it up. With all the free time that I have now, there's no time like the present.

Also a quick, cheeky ask if you could look at my youtube channel . I uploaded a few videos recently and I should have another one up tomorrow :). I'm planning to upload regularly :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: Spa Magick Mineral Shampoo & Hair Serum

Spa - who doesn't love a good spa? I certainly do. There is nothing I enjoy more than going back to basics with mud treatments and massages amongst other treatments. Not so long ago, I was sent a little package of spa treatments to try out at home. It contained a number of products, but the ones I am reviewing in this post are the Spa Magick Mineral Shampoo and Hair Serum.

Mineral, Shampoo, Spa Magick, Dead, Sea, minerals, spa
Dead Sea, Spa Magick, Hair, Serum, Spa

What the product claims to do:

"Hair Magic Intensive Treatment ideal for dehydrated hair, and is suitable for all hair and scalp types. It will protect hair's radiant vitality by saturating each strand with thirst-quenching Dead Sea minerals and organic plant extracts!"

What I thought:


To start off with, the sachet of shampoo contained a generous amount of product. If I had known this, I probably would've split the treatment. However, that aside, the shampoo lathered up really nicely once I'd applied it. I didn't notice much of a difference with the shampoo - it just felt like shampoo. What I did notice was the smell. I didn't like the smell and was totally put off by it.

Hair Serum: 

This sample was another generous sachet. Like the shampoo it had the same smell which again was off-putting. With this treatment, I applied it, left it for 5 mins under a shower cap (to let it work its magic) and then washed it off. Once rinsed off, my hair was so smooth that the borrowers could've used it as a slide. Impressed is not a strong enough word.


I liked these products as I felt that they suited my hair type which tends to be fairly dry. Looking at the products separately, I would need more time to work with the shampoo whereas the serum does the job on its own. With these products combined, it is a perfectly good treatment and would be perfect to use maybe twice a month or after certain situations like beach holidays where your hair tends to be frazzled. The only negative aspects is the smell and the fact I had issues opening the sachets. I think if you can get over the smell, you are onto a winner.

Spa Magick products are available at Holland & Barrett, John Lewis, Debenhams amongst other retailers.

The shampoo retails at £8.25 for 330ml (John Lewis) and the Hair Serum £17.19 for 150ml (Holland & Barrett).

Friday, 13 July 2012

5 High Street non-hyped wonder products under £5...

Now, as you probably know by now, I'm much more of a drugstore make-up girl than anything else.There is nothing more that I love then spending time in Boots swatching away samples of make-up (yes, seriously - more fun if there's a friend doing it too). Over time I have tried and tested a fair few products (slight understatement there) and it's safe to say I have found a few favourites. For me, the products don't need to be expensive (as you will see) as long as they do their job, which is what I have found in these. These products featured are also non-hyped products.

Johnson's hydrating 24 hour day cream

I have a fairly simple skincare routine for both morning and night. One of the products I use in the morning is this day cream. It has a light consistency and applies easily. It also has that characteristic Johnson's baby smell which I love. Moisturiser-wise, it leaves your skin feeling remarkably soft and retails at £4.07. To be honest, I never have any regrets about Johnson's products as I've always had a good experience with them.  I also use the night cream as well as the cleansing lotion.

Beauty UK - Salon Professional nail varnish

This is a bit of a blanket item. I love all Beauty UK nail varnishes. They apply so well and only need 2 coats. I find them to be fairly chip-resistant as well, it is usually around 4 days that they start to look dodgy. If you look back at my previous nail posts, it won't be long until you find a sample of them. They retail at £2.49 and are available at Internacionale and Superdrug (smaller sizes).

Witch Concealer - Natural

I have repurchased this item lots of times. It is a stick concealer which twists up. I'm not sure about you,but I hate putting concealer over blemishes as I feel it does nothing for them. However, this wonder product contains witch-hazel which helps with blemishes,so I no longer have to feel guilty. This retails for £4.99 and is available in Boots.

Superdrug - Essential Eye make-up remover

I've talked briefly about this eye make-up remover on here before. This was an accidental purchase when I had no money. Usually I stay far away from 'tesco-value' type brands in the beauty world as I don't really feel like injuring myself. I do know that everything has to be tested thoroughly before we use it, but the voice inside of me says 'No, don't do it!'. However, thoughts aside, I kind of like this product. It removes so much make-up with one sweep and I never have to reach for more on a cotton pad. It doesn't hurt unless you accidently get it in your eye. I have the Camomile version which is for all skin types, but I believe there may be another one as well (don't quote me on that). The best part of this product? It retails for a whole 99p.

ELF - Studio Blush

Another blanket item. Most of you will have heard of ELF - if not, just where have you been? ELF do a great range of make-up and tools for mainly under £10. I have a fair amount of products from them, but the one product that I continually rave and go back to is the studio blushes. I think I have 4 and for one of them,I have just ordered a repurchase. The blushes are pigmented and they are long-lasting. They retail for £3.75.

What are your wonder products? Have you tried any of these?If so, which ones?

Also, I uploaded a new youtube video the other day to my channel which you can find here .It is really lonely over there, so I would be grateful if you could take a peek :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Goal update #4

This is probably one of my favourite posts to do on here as I like to see how far I am with achieving my goals. I'm just under halfway now with 9/24 completed, with a few in progress and a few which can get done this month. There is one that I know will now not get done due to messing up dates (see if you can guess which one!). On the whole, not too shabby.

2012 goals

001) Aim higher in my career 

002) Go to the gym at least 3 times per week in progress 17/04/12

003) Launch creative project 1 completed 10/03/12 - visit

004) Launch creative project 2

005) Watch Trainspotting completed 10/03/12

006) Get my first tattoo

007) Decorate my bedroom

008) Paint my hallway

009) Visit home more often to see my parents completed 15/5/12

010) Be less materialistic

011) See much more of my friends  completed 3/7/12

012) Run/jog/walk Race for life

013) Read the Hunger Games - completed 17/04/12

014) Read the Virgin Suicides  completed 3/7/12

015) Re-tune my drawing skills ie re-learn to draw (I seem to have left my ability behind in school) - in progress 17/04/12

016) Participate in p52 @

017) Shoot more rolls of film (target: 10 rolls) - in progress 10/03/12

018) Film some videos for YouTube (target: 5 videos) - completed 10/03/12

019) Learn to use my sewing machine

020) Print out much more of my photography

021) Read The Picture of Dorian Gray in progress 15/5/12

022)Write some creative pieces (target: 3 pieces)

023) Comment on many more blogscompleted 3/7/12

024) Read The Scarlet Letter - completed 17/04/12

Finally, I posted a new youtube video last night which you can find here .I've got some more planned and would be so grateful if you could subscribe as it's kinda lonely over there....