Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tallia Storm

So when I was at home at the weekend, I popped over to see Elton John perform in my local stadium. It was a brilliant show, but what particularly amazed me was the standard of the two support acts. In particular, Tallia Storm. Tallia is only 13 years old and is extremely talented. A mixture of RnB and Jazz, Tallia's voice will simply blow you away as it did me. In my opinion, this is a girl who has the potential to achieve the same fame as perhaps Adele or Sir Elton John himself. She is very talented and will go very far. Did I mention she's Scottish?

So without further ado, I urge you to have a listen and be blown away:

I, for one, am a fan and I hope you are too.


  1. you saw elton? omg amazing <3

  2. I thought the stadium didn't do her justice but have listened again at home and I too am blown away!


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