Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Instagram #9

Elton John/ Vanilla candle/Barney admiring his kingdom/I like cream jumpers/
Darwin/Caught/Mamabear at work/Rub my belly/
Elton John/Smooshed blush :(/Products to be photographed (eeek!)/huuuge onion rings

Today is delightfully rainy. I cannot believe I walked to work yesterday in the sunshine and now it's like this. Come on weather! I want to wear pretty things and not be in boots. Anyway weather aside, the instagram photos are a mixed bunch from a couple of weeks ago. I've kind of been out of the instagram loop recently due to other things and also the fact i've not been doing anything remotely interesting. This weekend I will be going up north to spend a couple of days with my parents at their holiday home so hopefully I will have some instagrams to show you :).

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  1. Barney is so cute.

    Wanted to let you know I have nominated you for The Liebster Award x


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