Sunday, 10 June 2012

Instagram #8

Train tickets/Presents from America (more on them soon)/Rain driving/driving/Barney/
Smiley Alfie pup/Alfie/Barney/Darwin/Organised Hamster/
Stuck/Aberdeen Jubilee/Darwin munching/Light at 10.45pm/Still Light/
Tea/Mega large hulahoop

This week has been a freaking out kind of week. The countdown is officially on until I'm unemployed :(. Truth is - I'm petrified. I've also been at home the last couple of days which has been lovely. I'm here until Wednesday with some exciting things to do before I go back - namely Elton John tonight and Falconry tomorrow. I've always wanted to do falconry so I'm really looking forward to it. Elton John is bizarrely coming to my parents hometown so I'm going with them as...well you would if a legend was coming. I wonder if he will be wearing his pink sparkly jacket?

Oh well, I should probably get organised as I need to go and walk the dogs with my mum before my dad cooks me a fry-up for brunch :).

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