Sunday, 3 June 2012

Instagram #7

Costa/New stuff to review/first meal of Friday at 8pm/new make-up palette (Sleek Au naturel)/
Dinner/Smoothie/Fire in the flat drama/Back garden on a sunny day/
Another Costa/ran out of bowls (I only have 2!)/nails

Well this week has been fairly productive.Beside the standard food pictures, I have been pro-actively job hunting, buying too much make-up, spending more time than usual in Costa and finding alternatives to using bowls as I had run out. I also picked up more work hours and got back into going to the gym. In addition to that I also had a fire drama where one of the flats below mine went on fire. Cue 3 fire engines (no hotties as far as I could see) and lots of nosy neighbours and there you have my Thursday night drama. I still have no idea what went on fire and I didn't even know that anyone was living there until the guy turned up while we were stood outside and tried to run into the building - idiot! has your week been?

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  1. Sad times when there's no hot fireman :( hope job hunting goes well, I'm sure you will get something soon kitten xx


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