Saturday, 26 May 2012

What I'm #4


001)The gorgeous weather at the moment. Who needs to go abroad for good weather?
002) Eric the Elephant sweets
003) Holey jumpers (intentional ones)
004) Darwin being super cute


001) Job hunting (not on my terms, I may add)
002) Being in work when its so nice
003) My messy self
004) The amount of people in Aberdeen wearing inappropriate clothes - either wearing shorts where I can see their bum cheeks or they're wrapped up in jumpers and jackets.

001)The Inbetweeners series 2
002)Legally Blonde at the theatre

001)Legally Blonde soundtrack (Broadway version)

Funniest moment:
001)Watching Ray Quinn run halfway across a road and keep running once he hit the pavement. He was standing beside the car we were in and we attracted his attention, then he started running and didn't stop for a while. We  still don't know if he smiled at us or gave us a dirty look.

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