Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review: The Highland Soap Company Vanilla lip balm

Lip balm is one of life's little essentials that gets carried everywhere. Admittedly I have acquired an assortment of various brands over a period of time. One of my most recent ones, that my friend gave me, was this Vanilla one by The Highland Soap Co.

The Highland Soap Co. is a Scottish brand which specialises in Natural products. It sells a variety of products which you can find here . All the products are organic, 100% cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians.

The lip balm is shea-butter based and flavoured with organic oils. Once applied, it is non-greasy, unlike some, and leaves your lips feeling amazing. You don't need to apply much either - a little goes a long way. Another good thing? It won't break the bank either as it retails at £2.99.

I'm eager to try out some more from this brand as their body scrubs and soaps look amazing too!

You can find Highland soaps here: .Also the lip balms are currently on special offer of 2 for £5.

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  1. I love the Highland Soap Company! My favourite thing is the orange and cinnamon scented bubble bath - it smells so christmassy and unlike Lush there's no SLS in it.! used to use lush bubble bars and melts but I found that they were too much hassle to use and clean the bath afterwards and the prices were getting ridiculous so I switched to HSC. I also love the marigold cupcake bath melts. Can't wait to try more stuff next time I'm in the Highlands! Any other recommendations? xx


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