Friday, 25 May 2012

Omigod...omigod you guys!!

These pics are from when they did a couple of dates in Liverpool last year

So Tuesday night I set out to watch 'Legally Blonde' at the theatre on it's UK national tour. I have seen 'Legally Blonde' before when it first opened in London a couple of years back, so I was looking forward to seeing it again. There was 5 of us that went to see it this time but before we went, we met up for some food.

We went to Bar 99 in Aberdeen which has a kind of shabby chic feel to it (maybe describing it wrong!). It was really quiet when we went. I ordered a burger (as pictured). It was absolutely yummy but filling!

Afterwards, we still had some time to kill, so we went to Baskins and Robbins:

Look at Maz's gorgeous dress in the background :)

Then it was time to head to the theatre for the show:

snapped before it began :)

The show was amazing (again!). It's the type of show that will have you laughing from the minute the curtain rises to the minute it closes again. It was interesting to see the differences in stage set-up between the London version and the tour version. Clearly they have to be able to transport the props around  the locations, so some set-ups weren't possible. Although I did think that some of the set-ups were a bit lacklustre if I'm honest. I was also amazed by the heels the girls were dancing in - at one point Paulette was dancing in the thinnest heels I have ever seen! I struggle with heels on a night out, never mind to dance on stage in.

I really enjoyed myself and I cannot recommend this show highly enough. If you do get a chance to catch on tour, then go. I can honestly say you will not be disappointed.

Before I forget this is what I wore (snapped earlier as I forgot to take one when I went):

Dress and blazer both Internacionale :)
Obviously it wasn't this creased either......

Have any of you seen Legally Blonde on stage? If so, did you enjoy it?


  1. I went to see it in London last year and loved it, total feelgood show! Kinda wish I'd went to see it again when it was touring in Edinburgh.

    Lynne x

    1. It definitely is a feel-good show. Did you see it when Sheridan was Elle?


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