Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NOTD: Grey sparkle

Ok so I know this nail varnish isn't grey. However, the weather in Aberdeen has been the past couple of days - what has happened to my glorious sunshine?

Products used:
Beauty UK - Blue Glitter
Eyeko - Rain Polish (no longer available :()
17 Strengthening base
Revlon Top coat

How has the weather been where you are? Is it as grey as Aberdeen? 


  1. Looks lovely! I'm loving glitter nails at the moment. Jealous that you have some of the old Eyeko, mines all gone :(! Oh an the sun seems to have disappeared where I am too, the British 'summer' is so naff!

    1. Thank you :).I wish eyeko hadn't stopped their nail varnishes and gone all 'high end' on us.I'm refusing to pay £15 for a mascara from then when they used to be the total other end of the scale.


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