Sunday, 20 May 2012

Instagram #5

Tracking Dad from America/Mulan/Blushers/Topknotting/
Saturdays nails/ Baked potato & cheese/ add beans/ sore throat remedy/
Balms & glosses/ill and snuggled/newish purchases/sausages,chips & (too many) beans/
Bertie Botts all flavour beans/starbucks/ Friday's jumper/lipsticks

Yet another week in pictures where all I seem to do is eat food. I promise one week I will instagram more exciting things than what has been going through my mouth. This week has been non-stop as in my free time I have been manically job-hunting. I can't seem to find anything suitable....I'm freaking out slightly even though I do have 6 weeks to find something. I've also been ill this week too which hasn't really helped matters. I feel much better now and today is probably the first day I've felt human again.

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